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Emerging trajectories in art, science, and technology—a 200+ page periodical produced by the CreativeApplications.Net team

Encounters: Philip Beesley (CA), DAM GALLERY (DE), Derivative (CA), Eno Henze (DE), Raquel Meyers (ES), David OReilly (IR), Chris O'Shea (UK), Semiconductor (UK), Jer Thorp (CA), Zimoun (CH)

Inquiry: ‘New Perspectives’ – a survey of emerging representational and perceptual paradigms

Contributors: Greg Borenstein, James Bridle, Golan Levin, Tim Maly, Paul Prudence, Dylan Schenker, Hendrik Stöteler, Kristin Trethewey, Daniel West, Mitchell Whitelaw, Will Wiles

Guest Designer: Moniker

Artists: James Bridle, Ted Davis, N O R M A L S, Axel Pfänder, Ludwig Zeller

Photographers: Erika Jacobs, Benne Ochs, Rick Morris Pushinsky, Matthias H. Risse, Rolf Siegenthaler, Ken Tisuthiwongse

Details: 226 pages, 22 x 29 cm, perfect bound + 20 page DAM GALLERY retrospective booklet

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