Wobbly drawing machines with personality, a roomful of light bulbs that pulse the syncopated rhythm of a hundred heartbeats, bouncing an encoding of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata off the moon—HOLO returns to further explore the frontiers of twenty-first century creativity.


Vera Molnar (HU)
Diligently making art with computers since her first plotter drawings in the '60s, Molnar—at 90 years of age—is now at the height of her career.

Jürg Lehni (CH)
The craftsman behind charming drawing machines and evocative open source tools, Lehni playfully explores representation and reproducibility.

Ryoichi Kurokawa (JP)
A virtuoso of performance where sound and image intermingle, Kurokawa explodes the natural world and reconstitutes it digitally.

Tale of Tales (BE/US)
Completely ignoring dominant videogame tropes, Tale of Tales lovingly craft dreamlike worlds that are both poetic and sublime.

Katie Paterson (UK)
A glacier’s meltwater, a rock from the moon—working with primordial materials, Paterson ponders our connection to the cosmos.

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (MX)
Provocateur and ‘alien’ media designer Lozano-Hemmer wields computer vision and biometrics to radically transform public space.

Timo Arnall (NO)
A former creative director at BERG, Arnall makes films and prototypes that reveal the infrastructure and networks that underpin everyday life.

IF / THEN — Chance, (Un)certainty, and the Search for True Randomness

From the thrill of checking your lottery numbers, to the volatility of financial markets, to the fool’s errand of weather prediction—life is more governed by chance than we’d like to admit. We share strange tales of randomness culled from early computer science, 20th-century think tank experiments, physicists’ fever dreams, and inventive artistic endeavours.

With contributions from: Casey Reas, Paul Prudence, Scott Aaronson, Daniel Shiffman, Michelle Kasprzak, Mitchell Whitelaw, Daniel Rourke, Coralie Gourguechon, Scott Smith, Fanqiao Wang, and others.


Sites & Spaces
Arts & Labs: Residencies at
Scientific Institutions

CERN, SETI, The Smithsonian—a recent wave of artist-in-residency programs suggests a growing interest in bringing artists and scientists together. Georgina Voss investigates.

Tools in the Making

Oculus Rift: Mixed
Reality Experiences

Geoff Manaugh explores uses of VR that push beyond isolated film and gaming experiences, where artists and researchers alter how we ‘see’ and engage the world around us.


Dorothy Feaver
Michelle Kasprzak
Geoff Manaugh
Simon Parkin
Paul Prudence
Casey Reas
Jim Rossignol
Daniel Rourke
Vera Sacchetti
Alexander Scholz
Daniel Shiffman
Greg J. Smith
Scott Smith
Georgina Voss
Daniel West
Mitchell Whitelaw
Will Wiles

Anne Gabriel-Jürgens
Nina Lüth
Robin Maddock
Ye Rin Mok
Victor Nomoto
James Pearson-Howes
Rick Pushinsky
Vincent Tsang

Jacopo Atzori
Ted Davis
Cedric Flazinski
Coralie Gourguechon
Eva Hillreiner
Peter Stemmler
Fanqiao Wang
Ludwig Zeller
Guest Designer

Computational designer Karsten Schmidt fed “a stream of human-generated randomness” (i.e. more than one million user-created numbers) into a genetic programming system to ‘breed’ HOLO 2’s cover.

Creative Director
Alexander Scholz
Greg J. Smith
Editorial Director
Filip Visnjic
Project Manager
Sherry Kennedy

Art Direction & Design